Who's the Caboose?

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Who's the Caboose?
Who's the Caboose?.jpg
Directed bySam Seder
Produced byCharles Fisher Sarah Silverman (co-producer)
Screenplay bySam Seder
Charles Fisher
StarringSarah Silverman
Sam Seder
David Cross
Andy Dick
Laura Silverman
Laura Kightlinger
Chuck Sklar
H. Jon Benjamin
Andy Kindler
Mark Cohen
Kathy Griffin
Leo Allen
Marc Maron
Todd Barry
Music byDavid Derby
Michael Kotch
CinematographyPatrick Kelly
T. W. Li
Edited byJim Ohm
Nick Smith
Pilot Season Productions
Release date
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States

Who's the Caboose? is a 1997 comedy film co-written and directed by Sam Seder and starring himself and Sarah Silverman in their film debut. The supporting cast includes comedians David Cross, Andy Dick, Laura Silverman, Laura Kightlinger, Chuck Sklar, H. Jon Benjamin, Andy Kindler, Mark Cohen, Kathy Griffin, Leo Allen, Marc Maron and Todd Barry,[1] most of whom had not appeared in a theatrical movie prior to this one. The screenplay by Sam Seder and Charles Fisher depicts a romantically involved couple (Silverman and Seder) who travel separately from Manhattan to Los Angeles to attempt to secure a television series role during "pilot season", a set period of months when producers cast new shows. The New York City sequence at the beginning of the film features footage shot at the Luna Lounge in the Lower East Side, which has since been razed.

The film was followed by a television miniseries sequel entitled Pilot Season, again written by Sam Seder and Charles Fisher, directed by Seder, and starring Sarah Silverman as Susan Underman,[2] which was broadcast over six episodes[3] in 2004 on the now-defunct Trio cable network.


Sarah Silverman as Susan Underman
Sam Seder as Max
Eric Slovin as Congratulator #1
Leo Allen as Congratulator #2
Beth Tapper as Susan's Friend
Alison Solomon as Susan's Friend #2
Todd Barry as Foosball Player
Marc Maron as Comedian
Ross Brockley as Social Dilettante
Andy Dick as Jason Reemer
Laura Silverman as "At Every Audition" Girl
Laura Kightlinger as Gwenn
Wendy Smith as Casting Director #1
David Earl Waterman as Earl
Esau McKnight as Sensai
Mark Cohen as Alternative Comedian
John Barnett as John Devlin
Jeff Rosenthal as Client
Eliza Coyle as Client
Lauren Dombrowski as Jason's Assistant
Kathy Griffin as Katty
H. Jon Benjamin as Ken Fold
David Cross as Jaded Guy
Joel Avalos as Taco Stand Owner
Jana Marie Hupp as Papillion
Melissa Samuels as Vendela
Clif Gordon as Asst. Casting Director
Leslie Danon as Girl in Bar
Susan Nichols as Girl in Bar #2
Alison Noble as Develin's Date
Karri Turner as Wendi
Lili Barsha as Max's Fan
Chuck Sklar as Desperate Writer
Mike Reynolds as Susan's Landlord
Cary Prusa as Temporary Host
Alison Teicher as Casting Director #2
Wilandrea Blair as V.P. of Comedy
Ned Goldreyer as Asst. Studio Head
Andy Kindler as Sitcom Writer
Traci Odom as Studio Head
Jack Plotnick as V.P. of Casting
John Ennis as Irish Songster
Mary Lynn Rajskub as Cheeseball
Alan Frazier as Party Bartender
Alan Gelfant as CAA Agent
Kenneth Stephens as Network Executive
Alex Ferrer as Homeless Man
Derek Edwards as Congratulator #5 (uncredited)


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