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Wikramawardhana was a Javanese king and succeeded Hayam Wuruk as the fifth monarch of the Majapahit empire, reigning from 1389 to 1429. He was the nephew and also the son-in-law of the previous monarch[1] after taking princess Kusumawardhani, Hayam Wuruk's daughter, as his wife. His co-reign with his queen consort was challenged by Hayam Wuruk's other offspring, Bhre Wirabhumi. Bhre Wirabhumi felt that he had a better right to be successor since he was the only son of the late monarch. Wirabhumi, however, lacked legitimacy because his mother was a concubine, not the queen consort. The struggle for succession resulted in the Paregreg war. Despite Wikramawardhana's success in winning the war and defeating Wirabhumi, the civil war gravely weakened previously unchallenged Majapahit hegemony in Nusantara and loosened Majapahit's grip on its far flung vassal kingdoms.

Wikramawardhana ruled until 1429, and was succeeded by his daughter, Suhita.


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