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This is a bibliography of the works of William S. Burroughs.

Novels and other long fiction[edit]

  • Junkie (aka Junky) (1953) (ISBN 0-14-200316-6 - later reprint)
  • Queer (written 1951-3; published 1985) (ISBN 0-14-008389-8)
  • Naked Lunch (1959) (ISBN 0-8021-3295-2)
  • The Nova Trilogy (1961-67):
  • Dead Fingers Talk (1963) (ISBN 9780426050049) - sections of Naked Lunch, Soft Machine and Ticket That Exploded re-arranged into a new narrative. Often erroneously called a compilation because of this.
  • The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (1969) (ISBN 1-55970-211-7)
  • The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead (1971) (ISBN 0-8021-3331-2)
  • Port of Saints (1973) (ISBN 0-912652-64-0)
  • The Red Night Trilogy (1981-87):
  • My Education: A Book of Dreams (1995) (ISBN 0-14-009454-7)
Note: Burroughs published revised and rewritten editions of several of the above novels, including The Soft Machine and The Ticket That Exploded, while reedited versions of some books such as Junkie and Naked Lunch have been published posthumously.

Non-fiction and letters[edit]

Film collaborations[edit]

The Final Academy Documents, with experimental film collaborations of Brion Gysin, Antony Balch, John Giorno, and others, based on a tour organized by David Dawson, Roger Ely, and Genesis P-Orridge. A DVD of edited highlights from the tour, including Burroughs's 1982 appearance reading from his work at Manchester's The Haçienda, a performance by Giorno and includes the experimental film collaborations with Balch, Gysin, and others, Towers Open Fire and Ghosts at No. 9.[3][4][5]

Burroughs appeared as himself in a number of films in the 1980s and 1990s, including the 1986 Laurie Anderson concert film Home of the Brave (in which Burroughs dances a slow-motion tango with Anderson during one number and provides vocal samples in other parts of the film), and the documentaries Heavy Petting and What Happened to Kerouac?

Burroughs also played a cameo part in the film Drugstore Cowboy, and his recording of The Junky's Christmas formed the basis for a 1993 animated short film of the same title in which Burroughs himself appears. He collaborated on the documentary Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs on the Road eventually released in 2007. An animated short film based upon his story "Ah Pook is Here" has also been produced.

Gus Van Sant made a short film in 1981 based on Burroughs's "The Discipline of DE".

Recordings (partial list)[edit]


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