Wisconsin Senate, District 33

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Senate District 33
TypeDistrict of the Upper House
Chris Kapenga (R)
Parent organization
Wisconsin Legislature
WebsiteDistrict Website

The 33rd District of the Wisconsin Senate is located in southeastern Wisconsin, and is currently composed of parts of Dodge, Washington, and Waukesha counties.[1]

Current elected officials[edit]

Chris Kapenga is the state senator serving the 33rd district.[2] He was elected to the senate during a special election in 2015.[3] Before serving as a senator, he was in the State Assembly.

The area of the 33rd Senate District contains three State Assembly Districts:[4]

The district is located mostly within Wisconsin's 5th congressional district, which is represented by U.S. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner. [5]

Past senators[edit]

Previous senators include:[6]

Note: the boundaries of districts have changed repeatedly over history. Previous politicians of a specific numbered district have represented a completely different geographic area, due to redistricting.


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