XChange (film)

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Directed byAllan Moyle
Produced byMark Amin
Jean Desormeaux
Marc S. Grenier
Written byChristopher Pelham
StarringStephen Baldwin
Kyle MacLachlan
Kim Coates
Pascale Bussières
Janet Kidder
Music byAndrew Lockington
CinematographyPierre Gill
Edited byDean Balser
Distributed byTrimark Pictures
Release date
  • December 20, 2000 (2000-12-20)
Running time
110 minutes

XChange (also spelled: Xchange and X Change) is a 2000 Canadian science fiction thriller film directed by Allan Moyle and starring Stephen Baldwin, Kyle MacLachlan, Kim Coates, Pascale Bussières, and Janet Kidder.


In the future, where it's faster to travel by exchanging bodies with someone at the destination, a man's body is hijacked by a ruthless terrorist.

Toffler (Kim Coates), a member of the privileged "Corpie" (corporate) class, accidentally ends up in the body of a terrorist named Fisk (Kyle MacLachlan), who has in turn taken over Toffler's original body. Unable to continue as Fisk, Toffler is forced to use a cloned body (Stephen Baldwin) with a limited lifespan, in order to track down Fisk and get his original body back.

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