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Coat of Arms of Yñigo (cauldrons).svg
Region of originBasque
Other names
Variant(s)Yeniego, Yenigo, Yeniguez, Ynigo, Ynyéguez, Yñiguez e Yñiquiz

Yñigo is a surname of Basque origin in Eneko (Ennekwo),[1] found primarily in the Basque region of Spain and France. This word may refer to:


The last name Yñigo (or Iñigo) has its origins in the Basque Country.


Usually surnames were originated in the Basque Country as name of houses, being families known by the name of the house they inhabited once. Yñigo was originally spelled Eneko and evolved from the Basque words ene, which means 'my', and ko, which means 'little'. Therefore, Yñigo means 'my little (love/dear)'.[citation needed]


Confusion arises with the change and the number of changes in name, the proof is the following: Those names Eneko or Enneco or time change to Einygo, lamented, Endego, Enec, Eneco, Eneg, Enego, Enegot, Éneq, Enyego, Enyeguez, Enyégues, Ennego, Ennygo, Eynigo, Henego, Henneco, Inego, Inigo, Innago, Iñaki, Iñigo, Iniguez, Íñiquiz, Migo, Ñiguez, Yeniego, Yenigo, Yeniguez, Ynigo, Ynyéguez, Ýñigo, Yñigo, Yniguez and Yñiquiz. The enormous variety in the name is due to phonetic reasons for the continued displacement of people, lack of literacy, and other causes that enable name radiation such as enabling the success of a family in filling different socioeconomic niches. We must bear in mind that is so much a name as a surname. Disseminated throughout the Hispanic world and otherwise.[citation needed]

Siglo I a. C. Siglo VIII d. C. Siglo IX Siglo X Siglo XI Siglo XII Siglo XIII Siglo XIV Siglo XV Siglo XVI
Enneco Enneco Enneco Enneco Enneco Enneco
Eneco Eneco Eneco Eneco Eneco Eneco Eneco Eneco
Ennecho 968 Enecho Enechot 1211 Ennecot 1330 Enecot
Enecco 959 Enneko
Eneko 1062 Enecone 1187 Ennecus 1277
Enequo Enequo Enequo
Nequo 1366
Enego Enego
Ennego Eynnego 1330
Onneko 1067
Genneko 1072
Genneco 1080
Jenneko 1079 Jenego
Yenego Yenego
Yniego 1312 Ynigo 1475
Hyniego 1351
Ynego 1330
Yenigo 1366
Ienego Ienego
Iennego 1286
Ieneqo 1290
Íñigo Íñigo Íñigo Íñigo Íñigo Íñigo

Coat of arms and nobility[edit]

Over the centuries, there have been many different coat of arms associated with this surname. At the "Consejo Real de Navarra", "Real Chancillería de Granada", "Real Chancillería de Valladolid", "Real Compañía de Guardias Marinas", "Real Audiencia de Oviedo" and in the following orders "Order of Alcantara", "Order of Calatrava", "Order of Charles III", "Order of Montesa", "Order of Saint Lazarus" and "Order of Santiago" there are different records for this surname amongst other "Expedientes de Hidalguía" held in their archive. Which are open for public use, genealogists and family historians.[citation needed]


Yñigo[2] is a surname of Basque origin.


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