Yardbirds '68

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Yardbirds '68
Yardbirds '68.png
Compilation album by
ReleasedNovember 2017 (2017-11)
RecordedMarch–April 1968
VenueAnderson Theater, New York City
StudioColumbia Recording, New York City
GenreHard rock
ProducerJimmy Page

Yardbirds '68 is a double CD and LP record album by English rock group the Yardbirds.[1] Recorded in 1968 in New York City when the group was a quartet with guitarist Jimmy Page, it includes live performances and demos.[2] Page produced the album, which was released in November 2017 on his own record label.[3]

Recording and release[edit]

The tracks were recorded during the Yardbirds' last American tour in 1968;[4] the live recordings are from their performance at the Anderson Theater on 30 March and studio recordings are demos from sessions at Columbia Recording Studio in April.[5] Previously, the ten live tracks appeared on Live Yardbirds: Featuring Jimmy Page.[2] The album was issued by Epic Records in 1971, but was quickly withdrawn.[5] Most of the eight demos were included on the limited release Cumular Limit in 2000.[4]

The live performance follows a typical Yardbirds' set list for the period and includes several of their best-known songs, including "The Train Kept A-Rollin'", "I'm a Man", "Shapes of Things", and "Over Under Sideways Down".[6] Ryan Reed of Rolling Stone noted that among the songs are three which carried over to Led Zeppelin: "Dazed and Confused", "White Summer", and "Knowing That I'm Losing You", which was later reworked as "Tangerine".[2]

All three surviving members of the 1968 lineup (Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Jimmy Page) participated in preparing the album[2] and issued a joint statement:

We thought this might be lost forever, but we’ve rediscovered it, re-mixed it. It’s of great historical importance. We’re delighted to see the release.[3]

Critical reception[edit]

In a review for Classic Rock magazine, Ian Fortnam gave the album four out of five stars.[6] While he has favourable comments on some of the demos, he notes "the main attraction here is the live set" that includes Yardbirds' standards and "Dazed and Confused".[6] He adds that the audio has a brighter, cleaner sound than the 1971 Epic album; however, the song introductions and banter (provided by singer Keith Relf) have been unfortunately removed.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Writer credits are from the album liner notes.[7] Running times (not included in the notes) are taken from the AllMusic album overview.[8]

Live at Anderson Theatre (CD/LP 1)
1."The Train Kept A-Rollin'"Lois Mann, Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay3:05
2."Mr, You're a Better Man Than I"Mike Hugg, Brian Hugg5:05
3."Heart Full of Soul"Graham Gouldman1:48
4."Dazed and Confused"Jimmy Page (inspired by Jake Holmes)6:07
5."My Baby"Jerry Ragovoy, Mort Shuman2:50
6."Over Under Sideways Down"Chris Dreja, Keith Relf, Paul Samwell-Smith, Jeff Beck, Jim McCarty2:17
7."Drinking Muddy Water"Dreja, Relf, Page, McCarty2:56
8."Shapes of Things"Relf, Samwell-Smith, McCarty2:30
9."White Summer"Page3:48
10."I'm a Man" (contains "Moanin' and Sobbin'")Ellas McDaniel a.k.a. Bo Diddley; Page, Dreja, Relf, McCarty10:19
Studio Sketches (CD/LP 2)
1."Avron Knows"Page, Relf, McCarty3:49
2."Spanish Blood" (instrumental with spoken verses by McCarty)Page, McCarty3:15
3."Knowing That I'm Losing You (Tangerine)" (instrumental)Page2:54
4."Taking a Hold On Me" (vocal by McCarty)Page, McCarty3:02
5."Drinking Muddy Water" (version two)Page, Dreja, Relf, McCarty2:49
6."My Baby"Ragovoy, Shuman2:59
7."Avron’s Eyes" (instrumental)Page2:56
8."Spanish Blood" (instrumental)Page, McCarty3:11



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