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Location of Yongzhou City jurisdiction in Hunan
Location of Yongzhou City jurisdiction in Hunan
Yongzhou is located in Hunan
Location of the city centre in Hunan
Coordinates (Yongzhou municipal government): 26°25′12″N 111°36′47″E / 26.420°N 111.613°E / 26.420; 111.613Coordinates: 26°25′12″N 111°36′47″E / 26.420°N 111.613°E / 26.420; 111.613
CountryPeople's Republic of China
SeatLengshuitan District
 • Prefecture-level city22,441.43 km2 (8,664.68 sq mi)
 • Urban
100.00 km2 (38.61 sq mi)
 • Districts[1]3,193.0 km2 (1,232.8 sq mi)
 • Prefecture-level city5,180,200
 • Density230/km2 (600/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Districts[1]
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s)0746
ISO 3166 codeCN-HN-11
Licence plate prefixes湘M
Literal meaningEternal Prefecture

Yongzhou, formerly known as Lingling, is a prefecture-level city in the south of Hunan province, People's Republic of China, located on the southern bank of the Xiang River, which is formed by the confluence of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers, and bordering Guangdong to the southeast and Guangxi to the southwest. With a history of 2000 years, Yongzhou is one of the four ancient counties in Hunan. Its total area is 22,441 square kilometres (8,665 sq mi), and it has a total population of nearly 5.8 million people.[citation needed]


Maps of "Hoang-tcheou-fou" and "Yong-tcheou-fou" in "Hou-quang" from Du Halde's 1735 Description of China, based on accounts by Jesuit missionaries.

During late imperial China, Yongzhou was also the seat of a prefecture.

Geography and climate[edit]

Yongzhou is the southernmost prefecture-level division of Hunan, and is located at the confluence of the Xiao (Xiaoshui) and Xiang Rivers. Within its borders is the Nan Mountains (Nan Ling), which increases the complexity of climatic variation. It borders Chenzhou to the east, Hezhou (Guangxi), Guilin (Guangxi) and Qingyuan (Guangdong) to the south, and Hengyang and Shaoyang to the north. Its area spans around 22,400 km2 (8,650 sq mi).

Yongzhou has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), with a 1981–2010 annual mean temperature of 18.03 °C (64.5 °F), although within the prefecture-level city the range during 1971–2000 was 17.6 to 18.6 °C (63.7 to 65.5 °F).[2] Winters are mild and brief, beginning somewhat dry and turning wet and gloomy as the season progresses. Spring is very rainy, especially in May, which is the wettest month. Summer is very hot and humid, with moderate levels of rain, and generous sunshine; on average, July and August are the only two months where the area receives more than half of possible sunshine. Autumn is the driest season. From January to May, on average, more than half of the days each month receive some precipitation. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from 6.1 °C (43.0 °F) in January to 29.0 °C (84.2 °F) in July. The annual precipitation is around 1,426 mm (56 in). With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 15% in February and March to 58% in July, the city receives 1,491 hours of sunshine annually.

Administrative divisions[edit]



The current CPC Party Secretary of Yongzhou is Li Hui and the current Mayor is Zhu Hongwu.




Yongzhou railway station (永州站)


Notable citizens[edit]

Yongzhou is the home of Chinese supermodel Liu Wen.

Sister cities[edit]

Country City State / Region Since
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka Emblem of Sri Lanka.svg Nuwara Eliya[5] Central Province 2009
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia Flag of Selangor.svg Klang[6] Selangor

Courthouse incident[edit]

Three judges were killed and three court staff were injured by submachine gun in the 2010 Yongzhou courthouse shooting.[7] The assailant was apparently angry at the Chinese justice system about the results of his divorce settlement.[8]

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