Zeme Naga

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Zeme dance.png
Zeme dance
Total population
130,000 approx. (2011)[1]
Zeme language, Mzieme language
Christianity, Heraka and Paupaise
Related ethnic groups
Rongmei, Liangmai, Inpui, Other Naga people

Zeme Naga is a Naga[2] tribe from northeastern parts of India. They mostly resides in the three states of India viz; Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. Their villages are mostly spread across Peren district in Nagaland; Tamenglong district, Senapati district in Manipur and Dima Hasao district (NC hills) in Assam.

Notable people[edit]

  • Armstrong Pame, after his graduation from St.Stephen' college, Delhi in Physics. He wrote UPSC exam and was allocated IAS in 2009. While serving as SDM in Tousem Subdivision,Tamenglong District Manipur. He built 100km road without Govt fund.
  • TR Zeliang, Two time chief Minister of Nagaland
  • L Lungalang, Former Chief Secretary of Nagaland
  • N.N. Haralu, Former Indian Ambassador, She served in various capacities in the Ministry of External affair and Indian Foreign Service and retired in 1980 as she reached the pinnacle of her career as an Ambassador of Panama
  • Guizang meru, First Nagas headmaster to serve in Impur school
  • Dr. Harielungbe Haralu, First Naga Medical Doctor.


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