Zhang Shi (Former Liang)

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Zhang Shi
TitleDuke of Xiping, Prince Ming of Former Liang (Chinese: 涼明王)
ChildrenZhang Jun

Zhang Shi (Chinese: 張寔, died 320) was the regional warlord and ruler in the Former Liang state. He was the eldest son of Zhang Gui, who was a governor of Liang province under the Jin Dynasty. In 314, Zhang Shi inherited the title Duke of Xiping as well as the governorship of Liang from his father. He was also honored as Prince Ming of Former Liang (Chinese: 涼明王)[1]

When the Western Jin Dynasty collapsed, Zhang Shi declared Liang an independent regional state, but decided to retain the Jin calendar system. In 320 AD he was killed by an associate named Yan Sha (Chinese: 閻沙). Zhang's younger brother Zhang Mao replaced him.[2]


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Duke Ming of Xiping
 Died: 320 AD
Chinese nobility
Preceded by
Zhang Gui
Duke of Xiping
314–320 AD
Succeeded by
Zhang Mao