Zisis Vrakas

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Zisis Vrakas in the late 19th century

Zisis Vrakas (Greek: Ζήσης Βράκας) was an important Greek chieftain of the Macedonian Struggle.


Vrakas was born in 1857 in Perivoli of Grevena. He acted in the region of Pindus and Western Macedonia. Due to his persecution by the Ottoman authorities he was forced to flee to Larissa. Subsequently, as the leader of an armed group he participated in the 1896–1897 Greek Macedonian rebellion against several Ottoman targets.

Zisis Vrakas and his armed group during the Macedonian Struggle

During the Macedonian Struggle, he acted with his group in the areas of Grevena, Voio and Kastanochoria against the Ottoman army detachments and Bulgarian armed groups, as well as against the pro-Romanian propaganda attempting to attract the Aromanian populations.